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[Moncton, NB, Dec. 29, 2020] - Businesses around NB have switched to local music with the help of new company East Track Mind. Spotify playlists were curated and organized by province and genre making it easy to participate. 12 playlists have been released so far including GET LOUD (heavy), GET HAY'D (country), GET REELED IN (roots), to name a few. The goal is to create momentum for East Coast Music, a neglected branch of the “support local” movement. Shopping local is trendy, but it left business owner Heidi-Lyn O'Connor wondering why our music is left out. Having businesses streaming daily increases spins for artists. This has helped grow their East Coast audience as people become familiar with the music.


With current reduction in shows and lack of travel, it’s a great time to grow home base support for musicians. “I’ve been involved in the local music industry as an ECMA photographer since 2012”, says O’Connor. “The majority of people I speak to haven’t heard of any of our local musicians, even the JUNO winners. I’ve wanted to be a bridge between the public and our music, and now I’ve got a method to make that happen.” 


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Around 600 English and French bands (and counting) are included, all from NB, NS, PEI and Nfld/Lab. The playlists are already streaming at Dolma Foods, The Starving Artist Gallery and Gifts, Timberlounge Moncton, Tipsy Muse Cafe, and FitRocks Moncton. Ed Bourgeois shared, “Heidi made a playlist for our gym, FitRocks. We use her playlist all the time and we love it.” The playlists are also embedded on the website,


Bands were quick to support the project and so far many of their Spotify accounts have begun showing ETM as the number one way they are being discovered by new listeners. 


ETM sells T-shirts so people can show they support music and to help the project continue, which can be purchased at


East Track Mind formed in 2020 and is run by Heidi-Lyn O’Connor. The goal of ETM is to increase support for our local musicians and give them a strong home base as a launching point for future success. By having East Coast music play in our local businesses we are increasing the amount of people that hear it and are familiar with it. Social media campaigns are also run to ensure people connect with the bands they discover through the project, thus creating more loyalty, pride and ownership of our music scene by the public. 



For more information please contact Heidi-Lyn O’Connor at

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